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Terroir was born on August 5, 2020, from the dream of its owners, Inês Santos and Erik Ibrahim. In the historic street of Fanqueiros in downtown Lisbon. A place to go with friends and family to taste flavors of Portugal and the world, in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, with excellent service. That's how it was conceived, that's how we can know it today. It offers good food with the best wine pairings, for an experience that is both unforgettable, repeatable and, at the same time, an enriching learning experience.

From a menu, which regularly presents new creations by the chef, respecting seasonality, two tasting menus are available. A menu of eight moments and a shorter menu of five moments. In these menus you can travel around the world, always focusing on national products. The room team has vast experience in the art of serving well, with an unrivaled friendliness and a wide selection of Portuguese wines to surprise you with every sip. All the ingredients for higher flights are together!

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